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Hello...just wanted to let you know that we received the mirror today and it is BEAUTIFUL...even prettier in person!  Thanks SO much:)

Tiffany Juergens

olyn, I think I may have been one of the first to comment on your website when you delivered your art work with the swans for me in our new home here in Henderson. I thought I should let you know how many wonderful comments it has generated for us over these 10 years. Can you believe it is 10 Years!?? My window is as beautiful today, as it was then...timeless. I hope you are well and that your beautiful art continues. Love, Pat and Frank


The window came yesterday and it is everything I wanted it to be. You are an amazing artist!

It is leaning against the wall while the contractor does his thing, and I found my cat Gracenote right beside it. She clearly likes it.

Thank you for everything, for doing exactly what you said you would, on time, under budget. Do you know how rare that is?

I will be in touch in a few months because now I'm thinking about Christmas gifts.

Take care,

Annette Glenn


Received the art today and the crate is amazing.  You are right that nothing could break the glass!!!!! 
 I love the piece.  Thank you so much!!!!  Marion

Caroln, here are pictures showing what I did with those fabulous glass panels you made.  In case you are interested, the panels are backlit. 
 The green glass is fairly transparent when exposed to direct light.  Therefore, to keep people from seeing the electrical wiring and framing
 that otherwise would be visible through the glass, especially the green glass, I taped waxed paper to the back of the panels.  Worked like a charm. 


The lights in this former closet (now bar) are activated by a motion detector.  They automatically come on when the bi-fold doors are opened. 
 This tends to accentuate the “Ahhh” factor.


Thanks again for the good work and reasonable price.



I received the window.  It is absolutely beautiful!  I'm so pleased with how it turned out.  I think I stared at it for over an hour on Saturday.
  You are wonderful for making that for me, and will truly help make this Christmas more special for my family!  Happy holidays!


-We got the window today - it's beautiful! Thanks for all of your help and talent.

You might be hearing from us again in the future when special occasions crop up.

Have a good holiday season,


(sometimes I'll post the window on my site and give the customer
a preview before shipping.) Oh my god it is Beautiful Carolyn!
 Thank You so much. I will drop a check for the balance in the mail tonight.
(When asked if I could use the above comment on this page, he said)
No, I wouldn't mind at all. Do you have an extremely satisfied customer section?
 You could put my wife and I there also. I missed the post office this evening
so I will drop the final bill in tomorrow.
Thanks again Great work!
Joe and Lu

Hi Carolyn – Just a note to thank you for your careful shipping of the fabulous stained glass piece!  It arrived on Saturday evening, and is now hanging in our home office window, in perfect condition.  Thank you so much!  It is a beautiful piece, and I am reminded of our wonderful trip to Tennessee each time I look at it.  Many, many thanks!  Susan


Carolyn, I tried to let you know last evening that we
received our window but the computer went funky.
 It did arrive safe and sound!! It looks beautiful
and fits perfectly in the window at the foot of our stairs.
Yesterday was rainy and dismal and it brought brightness to our home.
 It goes well with our front door piece. Today is sunny
 so I took a few outside pictures. Thank you for our
one of a kind piece! After so much difficulty getting
 it here words can't describe our pleasure.
Sincerely, Ron & Rebecca Viola

HI Carolyn,

WOW the piece is spectacular! We are so happy with it and cannot wait to show it to all our friends.
 You are such a talented artist, designer and artisan. Thank you so much for this work of art.
 We are waiting until it is up before we bring (bend) out the fine branches as we didn’t want to
 stress the weld unnecessarily. I will of course photo it and send to you as soon as the carpenter
has completed and hung the piece. It is so beautiful and we couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you so much
 for your attention to detail and great service. I can’t wait to send another project!


Happy 4th of July, I hope you and yours have a peaceful holiday with family and friends.




Carolyn, it is perfect!!!!  Between my schedule and Jim’s we only just this morning got the screen put together.
  It is truly a remarkable work of art and my husband and I could not be happier.

Carolyn you are a fabulous talented artist and I want to shout from the rooftop about my screen.

I am crazy about the work you did on this butterfly piece. 

 It looks really great and we are very very happy with it.  It far exceeded my expectations. 

Thanks again.  I have had many compliments and have given your name and website to some friends.

Just a note to say that the window came out better than we ever hoped. Here are a couple of photos of the installed window with the morning light.
thanks again,

Delivery finally late yesterday. (Had to go meet the guy) We love the piece.

 Thank you so much. I'll have to get with you soon to do that rooster for me.      Jim

    Our stained glass window came today. It surpassed xpectations! The colors are perfect. Thank you so much.
  he Brys
Dear Carolyn,
I saw that our doors made the first page of your website! 
 (They're even better in person)  Please feel free to use us
 as a reference should you want to.  We would be happy to sing your praises.
Hope your Summer is going well.
All the Best,
Ruth and Jim Joy
Dear Carolyn,
They are here and they are TREMENDOUS!!!! 
We are so lucky to have found you.  I feel like I should have
 some of your business cards in a holder by the doors for guests.
It will be 5 to 6 weeks for the wood part of this project to come in
but as soon as they're up I'll send you a picture. 
Thank you for the wonderful, beautiful work.
Ruth Joy
It has arrived.  It is BEAUTIFUL.  Thanks for such excellent and
 professional work.  I look forward to future purchases and references.


Hi Carolyn
The window arrived yesterday in perfect shape and I installed it this morning.
 It looks absolutely wonderful and really enhances our home. Thank you for your artistry and craftsmanship!
Let me know if you'd like some pictures of the window in its new home.
Best regards,

Hi Carolyn,

Our glass arrived in perfect condition today. I installed it into the cabinet door.
 I am sending you some pictures of how it looks. The lighting in the pictures doesn't do it justice.
The camera flash also doesn't help.
Thanks so much for a beautiful and speedy job. If you would like,
 I'll send some more photos of our home and you might be able to suggest another project

Thanks again

Carl and Maria Hoffman

My wife loved the stained glass.  We are both impressed by your workmanship and that it is unique and a fine
representation of something that means a great deal to us.
Thank you again!
John Hubert

WOW!!!  The glass arrived today.  It is exactly like I had in mind.  You do great work! 
It is hard to find quality craftsmanship in the area of stained glass.  I do like the piece without the wood frame. 
 I think the frame takes away from the art itself.  I will build a base for it.  Thanks again.  I am proud to have this in my home. 
  I will take a photo and send it to you soon.  Did you sign the piece?

It came today!  It is so wonderful and absolutely perfect!  Even my husband likes it and wishes I'd gotten a bigger one. 
 The colors are perfect, the flowers, everything.  I am so happy with it you wouldn't believe it.  Thank you so much for
 making such a lovely piece for me!


The window arrived in one piece and it's beautiful.   Installed it this evening when my 6 year old daughter was in her room.
  When she came out of her room and saw the window she stopped in her tracks; she said "daddy the window is soooo beautiful, I really love the flower".  
If you could of only heard this coming from a 6 year old girl that knows nothing about stained glass, it was great!
  The remarkable thing, it's dark out so we haven't even seen the window highlighted by sun light.  Wait till she sees it in the morning!
Thank-you so much for the excellent work, again it is really beautiful.  I'll call the company you use for credit card processing tomorrow
, just to let the know the window has arrived. 
I do have one question; does the rough side of the glass go on the inside or outside?       
Please advise,

Hi Carolyn,

I just wanted to let you know I received the window, and it is exactly what I was looking for.

It looks great, and in this world where mediocre seems to be the norm, it's great to work with

someone who goes above and beyond the call. It fits perfectly, arrived in perfect condition,

 and was on time. Thank you again...and if you would like a "testimonial" for your web site, just let me know.


Randy Kratz


The art work arrived today.....and it is beautiful!  We loved the piece when viewing it on the internet.
...and real life is so much better!  Thank you!
Nancy Kleinhaus

(treble clef window sent to web customer in Ohio)

I want to let you know that both windows arrived last week in good shape and
we hung them on Sunday. They are both beautiful and make such a wonderful
 addition to my room. The windows face east, so they catch the morning sunshine.
 My sister was visiting from Florida and she loves the windows too. Despite the fact that the clematis
and lady bug were my brainchild, I think the butterfly is truly spectacular. It is my favorite as well
as my husband's. Thanks for the beautiful outcome and for working with me long distance.
(butterfly on the web, and ladybug window)

The window arrived and was undamaged.  It has already been installed in the wall and looks beautiful.  Thank you.
(sea green beveled cluster window)

               We got the pieces on Fri. put them in yest. (Sat.)
and they look beautiful! We just think that we put them in backwards..
.looking at them we see that there's a more polished side...
.Soo today we will switch them....but I guess it's all in what pleases your palate.

Thanks again for adding a beautiful touch to our home.
Joe & T McLaughlin

( referring to5 kitchen panes made for a web customer and shipped
to Staten Island...with no breakage:))

Dear Carolyn,
We received the window yesterday, safe and sound. 
 It is beautiful.  Thank

As soon as we get it installed, I'll forward some pictures.

Hi Carolyn,
     I received the teddy bear stained glass window today. 
The bear looks FABULOUS--and arrived without so much as a speck of dust on it!   
Thank you for all of your hard work.  The window is going to look great in my house!

Carolyn:  Just saw my swans on the web site.  Looks great.  Everyone loves it...even the builder stopped by to see it the other day.
  Have told my children to take a look at it on your web site.  The colors change throughout the day and at night, the swans are pure
white with the background dark.  Around 6pm, the swans look gray...really interesting... Again, thank you for doing such a wonderful job.
.Hope to work with you again, soon.  Pat Royer.